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New Track Alert • Devil'z Night!

Tha Wikid One and Horrorcore go together like...peanut butter and jabs to the stomach with a knife., so we guess it's no mystery as to why he's on the 2018 Devil'z Night Compilation album with the likes of not only Menacide, but a slew of underground heavy hitters like McNastee, Q-Strange, Dubbs, Madd Maxxx, Nastie, A-Game and Optymus, to name just a few of the 45 artist involved.

Press Play to listen to "Bedlam" by Tha Wikid One

Click HERE to download the entire project for FREE off the DN2K18 official page

A special thank you from Wikid: "Mad love to Menacide, Badmind and McNastee for putting together an incredible project that will no doubt, etch it's way into Horrorcore history."


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