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Tha Wikid One


se7en cover.jpg


Tha Wikid One & TaxxFree

Join TaxxFree and Tha Wikid One on a journey through the #SE7EN deadly sins with their newest release, #SE7EN.

1. MurderAZ
2. My Lane
3. 1, 2, Many
4. I.K.A.C.
5. No Time
6. Hurt Nobody
7. Body Count

Ugly Is Free Vol 2 Front Cover.jpg


The Mixtape

The Second installment in the series. Ugly is Free Vol. 2 is packed with Rare and Unreleased music from the undergrounds most versatile emcee, Tha Wikid One. Download the mixtape and share it with the world, or your mom, either works.

1.Volume Up Ft 2Stond
2.Behind My Back Ft Drugatti Castellano & Big Haps
3.Freak Ft Green Villain
4.Back On It Ft Snakey McVay
5.Martian (remix) Ft Drugatti Castellano
6.Life Control
7.Laying Beneath You
8.Bobby Bitch (remix) Ft TaxxFree & LRTK
9.Im Different (remix) Ft RJ Shootah
11.Devil Wants my Soul (remix) Ft TaxxFree
12.OG Bobby Johnson (freestyle)
13.Koreography Ft Drugatti Castellano & TaxxFree
14.Grab Your Knife Ft Lo Key
Plus 10 more tracks!

Drastic Measures Front Cover.jpg

The Devil's Rejects (2005)

Stitch Mouth • Lo Key • Madd Maxxx • Tha Wikid One

One of the most iconic Horrorcore albums from 2005, The Devil's Rejects - Die 2 This, features Stitch Mouth, Madd Maxxx, Lo Key and Tha Wikid One.

2. I Can't
3. Childhood Killa
4. Die 2 This
5. Revenge Is Slaughter
6. The Woods
7. The Mushrooms
8. Outro

Drastic Measures Front Cover.jpg


The Disstape

A collection of Diss records recorded by Tha WiKiD onE aimed at the unsuspecting masses. Dope beats, harsh bars and lyrical madness included!

2.Harsh (A.M.G. Remix)
3.Way Off the Subject Ft. Drugatti Castellano
4.I Cant Stand It
5.Police Report Ft. Nic Mann
6.Mr. Blue
7.U Aint Shit (Throwback)
8.Warning Shots
9.No Faith
10.Die Slow #FreeVerseFriday
11.Mollywhopped #FreeVerseFriday
12.Blood On My Hands Ft. Ends, Unique Entity & Mini Munks

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