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Mitch Rapp - Film Premiere

Wikid is Back on the Big Screen in Andy Mcdermott's New Film "Mitch Rapp: Off Book". Check it out and see if you can spot Wikid in this Killer Fan Film Directed by Paul Denigris.

When bureaucrat Charles Neimier (24's James Morrison) blocks his path, Mitch Rapp (Andy McDermott) goes "off book" to save teammate Riaz (American Sniper's Ayman Samman) from a sadistic former KGB agent. Based on the books by Vince Flynn. Visit the Official Site of the Film Here.

directed by Paul DeNigris written by Paul DeNigris & Steve Briscoe produced by Paul DeNigris, Andy McDermott, Steve Briscoe, Laura DeNigris action director Richard O. Ryan cinematography by Jordan Wippell music by Michael Patti

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